February 21, 2008- by Jackson

PARTY IN THE HOUSE SAY WHAT? WOO THERE IT IS!! today we had a band named the Crew coming to our school. Before school started we got to see them see them set up on stage.

We started the day with a math page on division and averaging. That was sort of a warm up for the test later that was on the same thing. We couldn't finish the test all in one though, we had to split it up between our assembly. The test seemed very long compared to any other math test we took.

After our math page we did two pages on hyphenated compound words. We learned how you would say them with out them being compound at all. The meanings had to be small but detailed, for example a goldfish is a fish that is gold.

At 9:45 we had an assembly. A band named the Crew came to our school. During the assembly they played music on trash cans and brooms. They did a really cool performance while drumming on a metal pole and a metal can.They also played games with us. There was a basketball game on who could get more hoops. If the boys won, the girls would have to do the chicken dance. If the girls won, which they did, the boys would have to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They told us to be drug free too.

Lunch was good because of pizza. Every body likes pizza so that made us happy. After a great lunch, we went out for recess. The grass was muddy and slippery. If you ran on it you would find yourself slipping in mud.

After recess it was time for social studies. We had a video based on a quiz. After we saw the video we realized that it was the wrong one. We just had to assume most the were right and wrong. Some answers were given though.

Our class chapter book is called; The Good Dog. The author of this book is Avi. Right now McKinley knows that Lupin the wolf's pack is dying out. Even Lupin herself is injured. So McKinley explained that to the other dogs. One dog named Redburn was the cause of this trouble. It started when a mistreated dog named Dutchess wanted to be free. Redburn tracked her down, putting her back into her old life. Dutchess was staying with the wolf which made the humans hunt her. The dogs thought of Redburn poorly now. That was how the book ended.

Before we went home we had HOT time. HOT time is when you get to play outside if you finish your work. When the kids in our class went out we had to go in and watch a movie because it rained. Then we went home.


devin pontigon said...

i like your attention getter and the pictures you picked out.

christian figueroa said...

your attention getter is awesome and your picture oh ya it stinks that we had to watch a movie.

Anonymous said...

I like the way you found the band pitcture you tell all lot about what you say

jackson z. said...

WOW!! Thanks for the comments!!

Christianr said...

Wow Jackson, for your your first blog you did a great blog. Your attention getter was awsome. Yuo used great pictures for your blog. You and Devin P typed long blogs.

demar said...

ASWOME BLOG!!!!!!! Wow great job Jackson! I really enjoyed reading your blog. It seems liked you worked extra hard.

I liked the way you said, "PARTY IN HOUSE SAY WHAT? WOO THERE IT IS!!

kianna said...

i really like your attention getter & your picture that says "Got Homework" the first time I saw the picture it almost made me pee in my pants. Just imagine a kid like you saying got homework. It makes me remember that some kids dislike homework.Well keep-up the good work.