Wednesday September 20

The class learned a valuable lesson today. If we are not quiet and don’t pay attention, we will not always get to do the things we want. We missed PE because we were fooling around and were also loud in class.

The first thing we did today was take our Chapter 3 math test. We learned that we still need to practice regrouping and carrying. Also, estimation is a skill we will need to use for the rest of our lives.

Before lunch, we reread Sarah, Plain and Tall and then did a quickwrite about the story. Michaela asked why the story did not have a happy ending. This is because we only read a small part of a larger book.

During science time, the class learned about the processes of erosion and weathering. Weathering breaks down landforms and rock formations. Erosion carries away the small pieces of rock and soil.

Tomorrow, our plan is to earn more marbles than today. Devyn suggested paying attention and following directions. Let’s see if we can do it!

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Scott's Mom said...

No PE!!!! Wow, I bet that was no fun! I hope today was a better day for everyone. Can anyone tell me a word in the English language that rhymes with ORANGE? I will take a guess that even Mr. Kootman can't come up with a rhyming work! Have a great evening.