By all of room 40

Today we received five new students from Ms. Swanlund’s class. We are looking forward to getting to know them better. Everyone was very excited about getting over the red line in the marble jar. Mr. Kootman said today was a great day, but we needed to start earning marbles from the beginning of the week. That way we would be sure to earn our PAT time.

We started the day by learning about charts in math. We continued to compare large numbers also.

After that, we did handing off about Mrs. Frisby and the Crow. This helped us think about the whole story before taking the test. We also took our spelling test and most people did really well.

After lunch, we were joined by five new students and then we reorganized the room. Things got pretty chaotic for a while, but we are all settled in for Monday.

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Scott's Mom said...

Hello Mr. Kootman'c class! Sounds like you are all doing very good. I was wondering if there is a reward for getting the marbles over the red line in the marble jar? Keep up the great work. I love reading about your day at school!