MFP 40-Mr. Kootman's Class

By all of Mr. Kootman's Class
Students in Room 40 have been drinking a ton of water lately! This means we have also had a lot of people paying the treasurer to use the bathroom. This is very similar to how we are learning about cause and effect. When you drink a lot of water, your body needs to flush itself out.
We started the day by doing greater than and less than in math. After that, we went to the cafeteria to do yoga. A lot more people brought mats today. In reading, we read Mrs. Frisby and the Crow while listening to the book on CD.
Today was the first time we used our Spelling and Vocabulary Book. Half the class thought it was easy and half the class thought it was difficult. At lunch, they served us Sour Puss Juice Pops. They made our faces turn red like tomatoes.
After lunch, we continued to read Edward Tulane. In the story today, his pocket watch got sucked into the vacuum cleaner. Finally, in social studies, we plotted the absolute locations of many cities on a map.

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