May 15, by Perri

Today, 5th and 6th grade had to take STAR tests. We’re lucky because we didn’t have to take them! In the morning when I got to school, I looked on the board and we had 3 pages in arithmetic! We had a lot of number sentences to solve. We learned how to make tree diagrams. They are a way to find possible combinations of variables.

After that, we started a new unit in our Open Court books and began a new story called “Early America”. The story is about colonists beginning a new life in the Americas. Next, we had to go to Yoga. In the beginning, it was VERY loud, but once everyone got settled down it was quiet.

After that, we had recess and snack. When we got back, we started a practice summary for the Fallbrook Union Writing Assessment. We have about a week to do that. Pretty soon, we had to go to lunch, and then outside, so the teachers could finish their lunch. When we came back inside, we read the class chapter book, called
“Orphan Runaways”. Then, we had to go to Library. But then, it was time to go home!


seth said...

Perri, you had great details about the day. you had great grammer, sentances, and attention-getter. I wanted to read your blog from the first sentance and I was like a chicken charging my credit card away,no stoping me.

Victoria said...

Good details Perri, but i think you could use there instead of they when you are talking about the different combinartions. You did great when you talked about Early America. I like the good vocab words such as "arithmetic"

D Kootman said...

Great comments guys! Constructive criticism, great peer feedback and even the use of a simile!

scott said...

great job going into details about math.

eric said...

you had a great blog and nice puncuation keep up the good work perri!

Nicholas said...

I like how you explained the subject we did in Math.You also explained how it's used in the real world.Keep up the good work Perri.