May 14, by Sam

Last week was the STAR testing. It was the hardest test I have taken! For today, we did math morning work first. This was a review of outcomes and probability. Once we finished, we corrected our morning work. Then we learned about tree diagrams and outcomes. The outcomes in our book mostly require a spinner, some dice, and a sack of marbles. Mr. Kootman assigned our math practice sheets. But he got our math packet mixed up with our math homework. After the mix up was corrected we went to recess.

When we got back we reviewed our vocabulary and clues chart for Early America. Then we did classifying and categorizing in our c.l.a.s book. After that we went to lunch.

At 1:00 we came back and we read Orphan Runaways. Then we reviewed social studies. In the social studies review we learned 5 new vocabulary words such as delegate. When we were done with that we went to play kickball for p.e. Finally, we got paid, we packed and parted.


(: MIKEY C. said...

I liked the STAR testing. It was hard but I liked it. The outcomes were hard at first. I really like your blog.

Seth said...

Sam you had a great attention-getter just like Perri did. I agree with Mikey C. on how he said he liked the STAR testing. I finished quick without so many trobles like a few people, so I had time to catch up on homework and reading. Also Sam, I know you and I are going to make it to 5th grade.