May 24, by Jake

The class didn’t have “p.a.t” time for the 5th time this month!!!!!! Today we started out with a math test on chapter 29, which is about fairness and probability. After that, we moved on to language arts. Some people are still working on their Early America summary, but most of the class got through it in a snap. Then we had a reading test on “Early America” That was easy! I took it and got a 100%.

Finally, the class read “Orphan Runaways” after lunch. Uncle Hank took Danny to the lake and told him to wash their clothes. After that Danny rested for three hours. Uncle Hank was going to get marred to the Chinese woman. Danny was shocked!

After we read, most of us went out to H.O.T time (homework on time).And that’s our day!!


seth said...

jake you have awesome details, your attention getter was one that jumped out at me,and your description about "The Voyage of the Mayflower" was great. Here's a smiley! ( i haven't had practice)

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Victoria said...

Hey Jake you did a great job with the details. You had great time words such as "after, then, finally". I liked how you put your grade on the reading test.

Isaiah said...

I cant brleve we did not have P.A.T. for that long. I like how you told about what hapend in the capter we read. I cant wate until we finish the book. Last but not least I like how you used a lot of spasific wordes.:)

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