May 30-take 2, by Breeze

Today in room 40 we hade an auction!!!!!! I did not win anything at the auction. We had two students that moved. Don’t want to say names but it is Jake that is moving to Japan. And Chase is moving to Virginia.

Today we started off by doing our morning work. For our morning work, we did Tuesday’s lesson for review. Our lesson for today was how to subtract like fractions. It was so much fun; to some students it was easy. We went to recess. We hade 5 minutes took in from our recess because we had to go back outside because we were too loud. When we came back from recess, we started to read “Pocahontas”.

After that we talked about how Pocahontas may have lived her life. We went to lunch and when we got back, we were stuck to find out that we are going to .Well you are probably wondering what we are about to do ,we are going to make a portrait of Pocahontas. The thing about making the picture is that we are going to make the picture out of words!!! After we finished doing the picture we had a gallery walk to look at each others pictures. WE HAD A BLASTTTT!!!! Then we read our class chapter book.

The name of our class chapter book is The Orphan Run Away, this chapter was so good. The chapter was called The Epidemic At Home. The epidemic is a disease that kills many people. Well back to the story, there is this two boys, there brothers. Their names are Dannie, and Judd. They used to be orphans but they ran away. Now they live with their uncle and new aunt. The young boy Judd was at school and he all of a sudden got pneumonia. Dannie got really worried so he grabbed Judd up and took him home. Luckily their uncle married a Chinese woman, that’s good at heeling. You have to read the book to find out the rest.

Finally we went to P.E where we played freeze tag. We had a lot to do today. Well I’m finally done.


Victoria said...

Hey Breeze you did a great job with the details. In our class chapter book we read two chapersso you sould of put Epidemic and At Home.

aileen said...

Breeze, i like your blog, it was great!!! was this your first second or what? (just currios) I like your blog because it's creative and you put alot of details in it!!! Keep Up The Great Work!!!! :)