August 29, 2008

Today we met our new student teacher, Miss Kepley, for the first time. She said she will be here once every Thursday for eight weeks and then every day for eight weeks after that.
To start our day, we did DOL and math. In DOL, we did correcting sentences and synonyms. In math, we star
ted with our Daily Routines, which is just review work.

After our morning work, we opened our math book to lesson 1.4, which was on expanded notation. Expanded notation is when you take a number like 10,523 and make it 10,000 + 500 + 20 + 3.

Throughout the day, we took notes for this blog. This is the prewriting stage of the writing process. Mr. Kootman says that the better the notes you take, the easier it is to write the blog the next day.

uring lunch, Tyler got hurt and went home. Boo hoo! After lunch, we read Room One. In this chapter, Ted brought food to April, who is homeless and has little money.

Then, we learned about SLANT, which reminds us to sit up, listen, and focus on the teacher. Lastly, we learned how to properly throw a tennis ball. One thing we have to remember is to face sideways from where we want to throw, also we need to lean back and shift our weight. Mr.
Kootman challenged us to hit him from far away and two of us did! That was the end of our fourth day of fourth grade.

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Lorenzo said...

Miss Kepley was nice and I can't wait to have two teachers! I'm excited to take the test on expanded notation because I think I'll do well. I was one of the two kids who hit Mr. K.

nalani said...

I liked how you talked about Miss Kepley and how long she's coming.I liked how you expalend expanded notation.The pictiturs were great.

kaylee said...

Its great that we have a new
stundent teacher!!!I like that you
put down what expanded notation.
I also like that you described what
you at PE.There is nothing wrong with any of your writing or typing.
I LOVED IT!!!!!!

Jordyn said...

I was really exited and scared (but mostly scared) to see Miss.Keply. There was so many questions in my head that I want to tell her like is she going to be teaching here in Mary Fay? What grade is she going to teach?

katelyn said...

I'ts very true Miss Kepley is super nice and such a wonderful student teacher! What a great story ! That day was an exciting fourth day of fourth grade!

Monique said...

:D I liked it when you described how Tyler got hurt. It was pretty funny.