January 18, by Sam

Today, it was so cold people were going to freeze. In the morning, we came in the class room and we did our morning work, which was math. After that we corrected it. Then in our new math lesson we learned about mental math division. This involved rounding and estimating. Then Mr. Kootman went on a website called AAA Math where we reviewed the terms divisor, dividend, quotient and remainder; then we worked on our math packet.

Later we read The Bridge Dancers, which was about two girls, Callie and Masie. Then we did a tree map on it. We also did a summary on it. Then we went to lunch.

When we came back we finished chapter 4 in A Week In the Woods. Then we reviewed our flow maps. Next we did an experiment in science. The experiment was on layers of soil. Mr. Kootman had got some soil and put them in a cup. Then he got them wet then you could see all three layers. Finally every one got paid. After that our crew packed up and we went home.


aileen said...

Sam, you did a great job on your blog oh and how did the expieriment turn out?

Michaela said...

Sam, I really liked your order words you were really creative wiht them so keep up the good work with thoughs.

Lovelynne said...

Sam,you did a really great job on the blog.I really like your attention getter.Keep up the good work.