January 23, by Briana

I’m 50 dollars richer then I was when I walked in the door! Almost every body got extra money, at least ten dollars!!! First we did math, like we always do. In math, we learned about placing zeros in Division Lesson three. That means how to do a math problem with a zero in it. Then we read Emily’s hands on science experiment in our Open Court book. It’s about Therapeutic Touch. For example; put some bodies hands facing palm up under your hands facing palm down. Every body in class tried it, even Mr.Kootman!!! And at the end Emily made up a new experiment using magnets. Next we did writing. In writing we had to write our spelling words five times each. I’m sure every body’s hands were hurting because I know mine were. It was actually for our homework but some people did it before we went home.

After lunch, we read our class chapter book called A Week in the Woods. When we left off Mark was trying to make new friends. He made a group of friends and tried to make friends with his teachers too. He also learned how to snow shoe and he wanted to show his parents but they weren’t there to see it (Poor Mark). That was our super perfect exciting day in room 40!!!


Lovelynne said...

Briana,I think you did a really great job on the blog.Keep up the great work.

Michaela said...

Briana,I really liked your descriptive words keep up the good work!!!

ISAIAH said...

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