February 22, by Mikey C.

Can you believe we got 2 new students to fill in Nick S. and Angel’s spots? The student’s names are, Sabrina and Victoria.

This morning we did mixed review and quick review pages 369 and 370 like we always do. Some people are veterans at math and some people still have trouble with it.
We are learning how to compare and order decimals. Comparing and ordering decimals is when you choose the highest decimal. Next, we took a short math test on converting improper fractions to a mixed number. A lot of people got A+’s. Then, we did our math packets on word problems.

Once that was done, we read Island Of The blue Dolphins. This story is about a girl that gets left alone because her family was getting pursued by their enemies. She was very sad because the island was deserted and she wanted to talk to someone. Luckily there was a canoe with dry food to eat and a canoe to go back home. The canoe had a leak the next day. She used fiber from her skirt to cover the hole. Then, she woke up and had to turn around because there was a hole. “Aw man!”

When that was over Mr.Kootman was telling us how to do a summary for our state test in March. He wanted us to find something that has summaries on or in it. “Mr.Kootman really wants us to pass huh!”

Afterwards we had lunch. A lot of people jump rope now, but nobody does double Dutch. Also, 4th graders beat the 6th graders finally at flag football. Isn’t that cool?
Finally, Mr.Kootman read us a Week in the Woods. In Week in the Woods Marc is trying to make a fire signal to find Mr.Maxwell. Mr.Maxwell kept yelling at Marc because he heard him. Now you can tell that today was entertaining. I hope everybody had a great teacher like Mr.Kootman.


jake said...

i wish i could play flag football!

isaiah said...

holy moly yoy have a lot ofparagraphs

cassidy:) said...

i can't belive we got two new students too!!!victoria and sabrina are really nice!you did a really long blog!! you had very good details.

aileen said...

Mikey, WOW! how many paragraphs is that? that was so cool how we were suprised that we got two new students. You had great ideas and sentences