The Ides of February, by Evan

Today the entire fourth grade got held in again during lunch so we only got 5 minutes for recess! At the beginning of the day we had a quick review in math. Next we learned about mixed numbers, if the numerator is higher than the denominator it is called an improper fraction, and you have to put whole numbers in.

Then in reading we finally read Susan La Flesch Picotte today, on a Wednesday! The story is about a doctor who gets caught up in a storm and finds a child and gets him to safety. Susan La Flesch Picotte was the first female Native-American doctor.

After lunch, we did a quick write on “how to stop a disease from spreading” Soon after, we did social studies. In that we learned about California’s early history and the explorers who settled here.


scott said...

I think you did great summerizing the story.

eric said...

great sentices even.

Your Friend Isaiah said...

Evan you have good and long paragraphs. But the next blog you can make the paragraphs longer. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!

cassidy:) said...

5 miutes of recess!! impossible!!!! man that must of been really bad for everyone!!!

aileen said...

good job evan!!! you summerized great