March 16,by Megan

Today was Eric Wilson’s birthday, he is turning… well can you guess? Well he is turning 10. There are ten people in our class that are ten- cool! He brought cupcakes which I thought were really good. They had green frosting and sprinkles yum, yum. Then we sang Happy Birthday after we went on Brain Pop. One Brain Pop movie was about Rise of the Roman Empire and one was about Jane Goodall! Jane Goodall studied gorillas in the jungle.

Afterwards we went to math mode. Today we learned how to use equations, y = 4x+1 is one of the equations we had to do in our Math book. Then we did some more on our white boards, we had to go to the next page because we did not have any more problems to do. Then we got out our Math packet on page 24.3, I thought 1 through 12 were hard for me.

Then we went to reading mode; we are reading The Big Wave on the C. D. It was about a boy who loses his parents in a tsunami in Japan! After that we got out our Class work book, if you don’t know what that means already it is a short word for Comprehension and Language Arts Skills. The lesson was Prepositions!

Next we got out our spiral note book for a Quick write about our grades on what we thought we needed to work on and and what we were proud of! Then Evan brought a magic thing every body was thinking it was cool!


seth said...

Great job Megan on the paragraphs and vocabulary! I am number 1 because I commented you first!!

Michaela said...

Megan good job on your blog I really liked it when you used "mode" in your sentences and I also think that you were very creative with your words and you were right those cupcakes were good well keep up the great work Megan.

Alondra said...

hey tell Eric happy birthday. Megan u had a good blog post.

aileen said...

Megan,Jane Goodall huh? that was so fun just eating cupcakes while watching a brain pop movie and everyone acting crazy but anyway great job i hope you do a third!!!!

Isaiah said...

Magan i think you did a good job on making good deskriptev wordes!(: