March 9, 2007 by Kenya

We had a bike assembly today! They taught us bike safety and how to check our bike. At the end Dustin flipped over the ramp, a full 360! After, we went into math.
We learned about evaluating reasonableness of answers. You have to figure out if the answer is reasonable enough to be true.

Next, we read “McBroom and the Big Wind”, this story is about a family of thirteen trying to fight the wind, but they find that the wind can be beneficial to them. Then the wind pulls a hole in front of McBrooms’ door, that’s the howl’ in, scowl’ in wind that broke Mr. McBroom’s leg. The story’s genre is a tall tale. Maybe that’s why it does not make a lot of sense, like when it says the wind reshingled every gopher hole in the next county!

Next, we had lunch. For lunch we had the choice of shrimp tacos or toasted cheese on a wheat bun. Most people got shrimp tacos.

After, lunch we read Island of the Blue Dolphins. It is about a girl named Karana who was left on an island in the haste of fleeing from the enemies, the Aleuts. She has to survive about 18 years on a deserted island by herself!

Then we went to social studies mode, we learned about how The Indians Help the Priests, we were snappy about that and finished quickly! Then we went into P.E., for P.E. we played racket ball. That’s a day in the life of room 40! Bye!


cassidy:) said...

that picture is awesome he was in the air when it was taken!!! you wrote a very very long blog! it's even longer then mine! you had a lot of information about the day!keep up the good work:)

jake said...

awesome picture and creative sentences!!!!!!!

kenya said...

hi!kenya,your sentences are great and the picture is FAB,O.K.!by the way this is kenya speaking.

Alondra said...

wow that assemdly was good.


I think your blog is so cool and you are so lucky you got that photo

Briana said...

i really like you blog to bad i wasnt there to see that for reall

Anonymous said...

what is a tall tale? you have good details and sentences.