September 4, 2008- by Katelyn

It took us two times to start our Thursday on the right foot. Because we were being seriously loud which caused an effect, which is Mr.Kootman told us to go outside,line up QUIETLY ,and go back into the classroom. When that process was over we started our DOL which is our daily oral language. This is usually, capitalizatiom, punctuation and spelling practice. Afterwards, we started a new subject, math. For today's math we did pages: 25-27, "Order Whole Numbers.''

After a while of learning we went to morning recess, which was like fifteen minutes long. Following, Mr.Kootman read, Room One by: Andrew Clements. The chapter that we listened to was about how Ted brought more food to April and April introduced her family to Ted. She gives him the opportunity to see the inside of the suspicious house April lived in. Next, we switched classes to Mrs.Barone's (she usually will teach us about writing) and she helped us do our own autobiographys to hang up in our classroom for next week's open house .

Later we came back to class and read our Open Court Reading book. Our story for this week is called,"Toto." Toto is about a boy named Suku and a young elephant, Toto. Toto always wanted to see where the river ends and so he goes past where his mother told him where they do not want to go ever. Toto ends up in a poachers trap and his foot gets stuck. On to Suku; his mother tells him to go get reeds from the river but on the way there he finds Toto stuck in the snare so Suku helps Toto. Suku takes him back to Toto's herd but on the way there they run into a lion. They are startled. Until Toto gets in the "getting ready to attack mode " and he trumpets. Next thing you know Toto's herd is there to rescue him and Suku's family arrives to rescue him. Everything in the story is now where it belongs.

After reading Toto it was time for lunch! Everyone was hungry! The choice for lunch was: macaroni & cheese or BBQ rib sandwich! Yum! I of course choose macaroni! When we were dismissed we went to recess! Most of the girls in our class and a lot of other girls in other classes played "Little Sally Walker" which is a certain dancing game. A while later we came back to the classroom and got ready to switch classes again. We switched to Mrs.Moore's. When we got to her class she taught us about leaves. We got to describe and touch different leaves. We all got to touch: soft , waxy, bumpy, and thorny leaves! That was fun.

Next we returned to class and Mr. Kootman taught us some social studies. After social studies we watched a Brain Pop movie about antonyms. Then Mr.Kootman did quite a lot of raffles! Finally it was time to go home.

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Jordyn said...

Wow Katelyn,
You really cdan write a blog. That was a lot of reading.

Kaylee said...

Dear katelyn,
I love your story because well
your a great typer that has some great details!!!! Your story was very FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I also loved it because of the great picture you chose!!!! My favorite thing about it was the beginning I think
that was very funny how you put it!!!!! Well, I got to go!!! LOVE

katelyn said...

Yay me! I love my OUTSTANDING blog!!!!! I think I did a pretty good job!! I wonder when I'll do my next blog! Oh and thank you for the FABULOUS comments for my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D Kootman said...

Hey Katelyn,
You worked really hard on that writing. Narrative writing is a fourth grade standard, so I think you will do just great on that!
I can tell you I wasn't too happy that we had to start the day twice! I like how you described what you learned in science.

Jordyn said...

You put a lot of effert into making this blog. I wonder if your blog is the longest or Monique's is. If I get picked to post a blog will you or Kaylee help me. Thank a lot

Monique said...

I must say, you can write very well.

nalani said...

Your story was very long but,very good.I liked how you talked about math"Order Whole Numbers" and the page numbers were deital.

JACLYN said...

WOW!!! Katelyn you are writing a blog you did some good pictures and detials.
Your's turly,

hunter said...

WOWthats really good blog if I was your taecher I would give you an A+

Monique said...

Katelyn, I must say that this is too great for words to explain. You covered almost everything we did that day. It was just marvelous.

bryce said...

I think yours is the best ever!!!!!!!!

hunter said...


bryce said...

that was the best did you get a A

hunter said...

that was good elafints are huge

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