September 8, 2008- by John

The weekend is over and it's a brand new week. First, we did morning work which was D.O.L. and Daily Routines chapter 2, lesson 3. Homework checkers looked at everyones homework during that time. After, we went over our morning work; we did our morning math. We learned how to round whole numbers for example: 832,743 the number 7 stays as 7 while the numbers on the right turn into 0's, but the numbers on the left stay the same. Then, we took two colum notes about rounding whole numbers.

Next, we did our spelling pretest which is 20 words long. The words that the most people missed were measles and yield. When we finished we checked our own pretest.
Afterwords, we got our homework and started on it. What you don't finish in class becomes homework like math, spelling, and vocab. Some people finish all their homework in class and there are some people that don't.

When that was done, we went to recess and played around. Some students played on the playground, some just sat around and talked to their friends, and some played different sports. When recess ended we went inside and started reading our class chapter book. Our book is called Room One. In chapter 12, Ted made a promise with April, but when Mrs. Mitchell asks what Ted was doing at the Anderson's old house Ted had made a promise with April but, April wouldn't know if Ted make a promise with his teacher that she wouldn't tell anyone so he makes a promise with his teacher that if he told her she wouldn't tell anyone and so they shook on it.

When that was over, we started getting ready to switch to Ms.Barone's writing rotation. In her class we finished our Autobiography's and drawing are portraits of us. When we got out of Ms.Barones we went straight to lunch. For lunch we had hot dogs, PB&J, and breaded cheese sticks. When that was over we went up top to the playground and started to play football with each other.

When the bell rang we lined up and waited for Mr.Kootman to take us back to the room. Afterwords, we went straight to Mrs. Moore's for our science rotation. Our subject was on What Plants are. We also did two column notes on our subject.

Next we went back to our home room and started on social studies. We learned about Latitude, Longitude, and the Equator. The Equator is what splits the earth in half. Once that was done we started collecting our homework and packing up. Before we left we got our clues chart and vocab ready so we can take it home. We can't do our clues chart without our Open Court text book. Finally, we lined up and walked to the front and we all went home.

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kaylee said...

I loved your blog!!! I like you used very good detail and that you described what you did at recess also what other people did also.
Well, I got go!!!

katelyn said...

Lot's of reading , but such great work! I like the way you included details ! I also like the way you began your story," it's a brand new week." It makes people want to know more and go futher into your story!!!!! I just think you did a fantastic job on this story!

Jordyn said...

Wow John,
Great SA!!! It was lots of reading but I survived it! That was such fun when we got to round whole numbers.

skye said...

cool,super,and sweet blog!!!!!

jaclyn said...

Super!!! John I thought your blog was awsme and I thought you put a lot of good details and you put pictures that describe your detiles.
Have a great day.

chris said...

dear jonh I like how you mentioned how you dicussed what you did at recess and how you gave an example of ronding.And your deatail rocked and rolled.Also how you got pitures in.Finally you rocked when you wrote. I vote you presadent. from chris

norman said...

dear john I like youer blog I like youer football picher and youer room one picher and you said we had to round i like andew clemet to he writes good storys have you ever read a week in in the woods do you like the gaints they won the super ball

Monique said...

I liked your blog, John. It's very long, I must say. Your fingers must've come off by now from such hard work!

andrew said...

great job on your blog John.

ariel said...

Fabulosoooooooooooo!Joshua loved your pictures and puncuation if I could write like that I would pass-out and never get back up.

bryce said...

that was the best man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favret part was when you talked about Room One.

hunter and bryce said...

that was good if i was your teacher i would give you an A+

christopher said...

i vote you president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Brryanna said...