October 29, by Jashanda

Everybody please be quiet! The room needs to be clean because Ms.Kepley is our student teacher and she is training to be a teacher. So she wants to be really prepared today because her teacher from her college is coming. She asked us if we could pay attention because she really wants a good grade. Her teacher came in and sat in the corner. Since Ms.Kepley's teacher was here, Ms. Kepley was mostly taking over our classroom. Her teacher never said anything, she just was writing on a piece of paper. I wonder what she was writing...
Oh would you like to hear about what we were learning about? How to make your writing interesting like starting your sentence with capitals and the rest needs to be lowercase and it needs to end with punctuation like .,?,!. Now the day starts getting better.
You want to know why it is getting better? It's because it is math time! Guess what? We are going to learn about using "Equations for Comprehension Problems" Example:5+x=9 5+x-5=9 -5x=4 Do you see the letter in this equation? This is kind of tricky because the letter looks like a multiplication sign but its really a variable. My teacher, Mr.Kootman, said he does not like using x as a variable because younow know that it looks like a x sign. Would you like to hear the problem that Mr.Kootman gave me? It was y+7 -5. If you think you can do that problem you're wrong because you don't know what y equals but in this problem. Now y equals four. So if you work that out on a piece of paper you would get six. My teacher, Mr.Kootman likes when you show your work because then he knows that you put all your hard work in it.
Well now it's time to switch in to our homework problem solving book.We only had 8 questions 7.4 page 74. After a math lesson Mr.Kootman usually let's the class do their work but we only get 10 to 15 minutes to do it then he will write it on the white board and say if you didn't finish it that is your homework. Barely anybody finishes it when Mr.Kootman says time is up. You don't want him to catch you writing down math answers during language arts.

This is what he will tell you for your first warning "I'm glad you want to do your work but not while I am teaching." Then he will say I will put 1 minute on the timer to do our reading fluency. We weren't going to read our real story after math; we were going to do the story after lunch. My partner is Teion. He usually reads first. This is how it works: he has the story that were reading all about seeds and I have the same one in my hand so when Mr.Kootman says go Tieon starts reading if he says the word wrong I but a dot another it but if he goes back and corrects himself I can erase the dot when the timer goes off. Then I have to pick up the chart of where he stopped. He did not get any wrong; it surprised me.

Well now it is time to go to Ms.Borone's class; she is new this year but she is our writing teacher. Shes always telling us to study because we are having a test this Thursday. Mrs.Barone hopes that we pass the test if we don't pass the test she will know that you did not study. Here is a reason why you should not talk in her class because she well tell you that you that you either need to give her a 20 dollar bill or a 10 dollar bill she told us if we were ready to stop fooling around and learn we only had 15 minutes left to watch a movie paragraph but she promised us that we were going to play charades only three people got to go up there and do it and those three people where Tieon, Mikaela and Miranda.

It's time for or lunch today I am going to sit by Ashley and Nalani; we all brought lunch from home I had nachos for lunch with a crunch. then Nalani went to go by snack so me and Ashly went up top for recess by the time we got up to Mrs.Betty blow the whistle and said it's time to line up Nalani came two minutes later me and Ashley thought that Nalani was going to be late when Mr.Kootman got to the top of the hill he said that I think you guy's are getting better at lining up.

Well everybody was happy that it was time for Science which is taught by Mrs.Moore. She promised us that we would get to watch a movie today because last weak it got deleted from her computer it was really funny because it was a magic school bus movie. Mrs.Moore said that you cant talk during the movie but you can whisper the movie was mostly about plant's and how they get there food and the process is called photosynthesis. it is the way plants make there food we learned that animal's cant make there food. so there called consumers did you now that people are consumers and plants are the producers. By the time Mrs.Moore said that it was time to go are classroom.

Mr.Kootman said that we need to take out our Social Studies book. He said that we were going to watch a movie about the famous sailor Juan Cabrillo. We learned that he died on the ship but his crew came back safe.

Now the day has ended and there's only one thing to say see you tomorrow.
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mjustus said...

Hi Joshanda!
It looks like you are having a wonderful time learning in your classroom. I wish I had a cool teacher like yours when I was your age!
I'm also a teacher (third grade) and earlier today I attended a conference about how to use technology in schools. Your teacher, Mr. Kootman, explained all of the neat web pages available and I will definitely use them in my classroom. Mr. Kootman did a FANTASTIC job explaining how to use these websites and how to make my teaching fun for my kids! Kudos to you and your teacher!

Anonymous said...

WOW that was FANTASTIC. I bet you took a lot of time on your blog.

Jordyn said...

I really liked how you fit in our whole day in 5 long paragraphs!

ariel said...

wow! love your pucuation and i love
when you said i wonder what miss kepley teacher was writing bravo bravo!

christopher said...

i love the part about pohtosetiseth

Isabella said...

Hey! You dont know me but I know you teacher Mr.Kootman. I was in his class last year. I'd love it if you told him I relly miss hem and tell him to email me or my mom. Thanks. From Isabella P.S.I love your blog.

The Lipsky Team said...

We learned that too.
Actually I thought it was interesting that plants don't go to mc donalds or something!!! It's good. Photosynthesis is awesome I mean like the plants make their own food, it's awesome!!!! vist our blog at

Bre, Noha, and Hayley

The Lipsky Team said...

wow! that seems sooo mysterious! So she just sat in the corner and wrote on a peice of paper? if you think about it it kinda seems scary...
from your friend in jacksonville,
P.S., if you want to check out another cool blog, check out!

ariel said... really pay attention in class to write like that looved
it brilliant!lets have a fiasco!

katelyn said...

Terrific job, Jashanda! Long but, terrific!Lots of details!This is your first blog and you did such a magnificient job!