November 17, by Jaclyn

Time to begin our day in room 40! If we get to school early we get to play for 30 minutes on the blacktop. When the bell rings we get to line up and our teacher comes and sometimes we jog,run,and skip.

Next we went into the class room and we took out our homework and our homework checkers checked it. If we don't do our homework they put our card up. Then we have to stay in for recess and Mr.Kootman would have call the people who did not do their homework. He would ask what you did not do. I only have been in there 3 times."Oh" and on Fridays we don't have extra recess time if all of our work is not done.

Then, we take out our yellow book so we can do our DOL. A "DOL" is where you look at the SMARTboard and we copy it down in our small yellow book. When we are done with DOL we check it and we do some of our homework.

After we were done we did x and y math. For example:if y=100(311+600) you would have a number like 6 so you add 100+6=106 then you would add 311+600=911 lastly you add 106+911= 1,517 so 1,517 equals y.Sometimes you get to make your own x."Oh" and Mr.Kootman gives us 5 min. Mr.Kootman tells Tory to put on the 45 sec. timer and open up to lesson 28 multiplication facts and he gives us 2 or 1 min. to finish the multiption facts.

Before we take out our hardcover math book and white board and open to page 199 and he says I do it,we do it,and you do it.Once he is done doing it we do it. Once we are done doing it Mr.Kootman points to us if we're right or wrong. Sometimes our classmates check it like Christopher and Bryce.We sometimes get our paper ready for notes or homework.

Ding,Ding,Ding time to line up for recess. Some teachers are on duty because some people don't follow the rules at recess. Some people bring a snack like Top Raman,chips,brownies,and muffins.

On the blacktop there are many fourth,fifth,and six graders. They play soccer,football,play on the playground,and they bring out a teniss ball and throw it on the wall. We only have 15 min. to play and eat. On the playground there are 4 swings,2 swirl slides,2 leaders,and a spider web were you can hang up side down on and people like to climb up yo the middle of the spider web. On the swings people get in a line and they count to 100. Then they have to get off or some people will tell the teachers. Ding,Ding,Ding time to line up says the teachers. Mr.Kootman tells us to walk down to the class and who ever is first in line they get to open the classroom door and it's a gold key.

Before we take our trimester 1 test we did Fluency.Fluency is where you get with your partner and Mr.Kootman gives us a folder with the papers you are suppossed to be reading and writing. The teacher gives us 1 min. to read. If we get a word wrong our partner puts a dot above the wrong word. Mr.Kootman put on 1 min. to read and when the timer rang we had to STOP reading and our partner put a line after the word you stopped on. We look on the side of the paper and it is in a row and the number stands for the words in that row and if you missed a few you subtract that number you read. That creates a graph for us to see our progress.

Then we took our trimester 1 test and we got our name in dark words and it came with a packet so we can see the question and on the other paper and fill in the bubble so we can get the answer right. Some people had to finish it the next day, me too.

After we are done with our test we had to go to Miss Barones class and you have to bring a small yellow book,highliter, pencil,and Comprehension and Language Arts Skills book and in writing we are writing what we are afraid of.The most people wrote about clowns. To me they are scary.

Ding,Ding,Ding "time to go to lunch"said Mr.Kootman and once we walked into the lunch room we were the first one in there and why you were walking you can smell your lunch why you were walking.We had chicken nugget and mini cheese burgers.When we went outside on the black top there were people that played soccer, football, play ground and tennis on the wall.Ding,Ding,Ding the staff tells us to line up until we see our teachers.

Once we get into the classroom we have to get our science, we walk to Miss Moore classroom that is 45.We are learning about microorganisms and we took notes that were about other germs.

After we were done with science we had to do S.S. and take out our book and we did a S.S. video and we had to build one of the 21 missions and you can do a photostory, go to missions, build a mission, and type a missions. After Mr. Kootman told us it was due Dec. 8th and we were post to go up to the classroom and tell what your mission is about.

We filled up the marble jar so we got to watch a Brainpop video and we got to take notes on the brainpop viedo and it was our first.We were taking notes on test taking notes.
Lastly we had to go home and get payed tomorrow.

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that must have took you like a year to write

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wow that was great

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