December 8- by Kaylee and Room 40

Aahh!!! A wave of mission projects! Today our California history projects are due. Mr. Kootman had to find places in the classroom for all the models that some students built. Of course, not everybody built a mission; some people did Photostories, some created a poster and some visited missions or did reports.

First,we started out with DOL by respelling words that are spelled incorrectly. Next, we did extremely easy multiplication facts for our math lesson. Ms. Kepley, our student teacher, instructed us on this topic.

Then, at recess Jordyn,Nina,Jena,and I played extreme hopscotch by doing two twists, two handstands ,and one cartwheel.

After recess, we began reading our new chapter book, The Homework Machine. We don't really know what it is about yet because the characters
are keeping it a secret, but we know that the perspective is first person.

At about 11:00am we moved into language arts. We learned our vocabulary for our new story "Sewed Up His Heart." One of our words was anesthesia, which is a drug that puts you to sleep for surgery. Then Mr. Kootman gave us some time to start our Clues Chart. This is our prereading so we can get an idea of the
story before we read it.

We did this up until lunch, which was turkey hot dog and taco salad. At lunch recess, I did pull-ups on the monkey bars.

After lunch, we went to Ms. Barone's for sc
ience. We learned about ecosystems. Two of our vocab words are biotic and abiotic.

Then we went back to Room 40 where we graded people who were presenting their mission projects. One of the qualities that makes a good report is if people speak loudly.

After that, Mr. Kootman gave a bit more time to start our homework and then we went home!

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ariel said...

wow love biotic and anbiotic.

ariel said...

wow love biotic and anbiotic.

Mary Ellen said...

I love how you started your blog entry! I could picture your lively classroom swept away with mission projects!
What's the difference between abiotic and biotic? Give us some tips about how to remember!
PS - I am a visitor to your blog and I am going to vote for it! I like how everyone contributes and you share what goes on in your classroom with vivid descriptions of everything from recess to math.
Parents and other readers can learn a lot by reading your blog.

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