December 2, 2008

Time to go back to school! I wonder if Mr. Kootman will remember all of our names after our nine day Thanksgiving break. Many students are almost done with their Photostory projects!
We started off our day with DOL, just like we usually do. One of the questions asked us to find the correct spelling for “cookie.” The second part of our morning work was to complete an x, y table. This is when we get an equation like y=2x+ (x+4) and we have to solve several equations.

After our morning work, we reviewed for our math test. This math test was totally different than all of our other math tests. We usually have a test on a single topic, like rounding, but our new math book, Saxon Math, tests us on many bits of different topics. Some of the questions on this test involved perpendicular and parallel. Most students thought it was an easy test.

After math, we went out to recess where kids played all different kinds of sports, including wall ball, soccer and football. Joshanda saw a teacher helping a student who was injured.
When we returned, we read “Medicine: Past and Present.” This story gave us the history of medicine and various diseases throughout time in many cultures. When we were through discussing the story, we reviewed synonyms and antonyms in our Spelling and Vocabulary Skills book. We used the SMART board to categorize different words.

When we moved into social studies, we watched the video for lesson 3.1 which was about pioneers moving into California. When the lesson was over, we summarized it out loud and clapped it shut into our brains.

Finally, we saw a BrainPop movie about “The Black Plague”, which related to our medicine story. Then Mr. Kootman gave us our drawing prizes from last week and we went home!

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