December 5, by Jordyn

Yeah!!!! Today is Friday!!!!! That means we can have HOT time (homework on time). There are 20 more days till Christmas! We started our day with a morning run around the track. Me and Destiny also ran all the way to the big toy (it was not for extra credit). When we came inside it was as warm as toast. First we started to do our morning math, it was all multiplication it was mostly 3-4 digit numbers (piece of cake). Following math, we took out our Saxon Math power up lesson 37 it was multiplication.

Afterwards , me, Jena, Nina, and Caylee played extre
me hop-scotch. Here's how to play, for 1,2,3,6 and 9 you jump all around. Then for 4,5,7, and 8 you do a hand-stand. OK, now you guys know how to play extreme hop-scotch.

Afterwards, Mr. Kootman read us our new chapter book The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman. It is where these 4 kids got in trouble, but they keep going off topic so we still don't know how they got in trouble. They live near the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The kids' names are:Sam Dawkins, Judy Douglas, Brenton Damagatchi, and Kelsey Donnelly.( They are called the "D squad" because they all sit at the same table.)

Ring a ding, it's lunch time! When we got into the cafeteria it smelled like, PIZZA! Not just cheese pizza it smelled like peperoni and sausage. First I sat down at our regular table and ate my lunch. For lunch I had chicken nuggets with ketchup. Then I was surrounded by all of my all of my friends I was so happy they chose to sit by me.

Once we came into the classroom it was time to read time to read Medicine : Past and Present for the last and final time. It was about how people died from a type of medicine. Did you know that the Native Americans used to chew willow bark to reduce the pain. But it grossed me out when it told me that when your body gets rid of smallpox it produces a scar from your face and you have to heel it with lemon and lime juice.

In Social Studies, Kiara and Ashley started their mission projects early. Mr.Kootman thought that it was so nice that they wanted to go first. First, Kiara shared with us her project about the San Luis Rey mission. One of her facts was that a 500 foot wall was build around the mission. Next up was Ashley, her topic was the San Diego de Alcala mission. It was really fascinating to here that it was the first mission to be built in California.

Finally its H.O.T. time!!! H.O.T. time means "homework on time". I played extreme hop-scotch just like what I played at recess. And I also got to do pull ups on the littlest bar there is (I'm still shorter than it) and Ms. Betty counted. I hope you liked reading my daily blog on Friday.

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D Kootman said...

You worked very hard on this. I can tell that you must have takern great notes to remember such vivid details. Great use of figurative language too! You used lots of details and even remembered to put the book in italics!
Thanks again for helping out others with their blogs and photos.

ariel said...

thankyou,for your hard work you see
the light i know when you grow up you will probably be a teacher one day you will probably achieve your goals.


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