April 5, by Will

Today we did not have a lot of work because of Spring break. We had a lot of math though. We had division, triangles, a quiz, and quadrilaterals. (Whew!) There are three types of triangles: equilateral, isosceles, and scalene.

After math, we read “We’ll Be Right Back after These Messages.” It’s about the public television rules to view commercials. Following that, we answered the red bullets at the end of the story. When that was over, we went to recess. For some strange reason, recess was boring.

When we got back, we got our recorders out and went to music. During music, we reviewed all the notes we know, such as G, A, and B. When we got back, we continued with our red bullets. Then we took out our CLAS book and did clauses. After that, we went to lunch.

In 24 hours we would be kite flying because the next day is Kite day! When we got back we celebrated Jannelys birthday. Happy Birthday! Then we read “Island Of The Blue Dolphins”. In this chapter the Aleuts come to the Island, and Karana has to leave. And that wraps it up for our proficient, dazzling, and great day.


Nicholas said...

I liked how you explained what happened in Island Of The Blue Dolphins.

cassidy!!!!:) said...

WOW!!! u have a ton of paragraphs and great details!:)

aileen said...

i liked how you explained how recces was boring because i think almost evryone felt that way! but i thought you did a great job!!!!!!!!!!! if you do i hope you get another chance to do a next blog

Anonymous said...


I like how you explained

jake said...

i like how you used diskribing words like profishent

Jannely said...

nice attention getter will it really got me to read your blog I hope you do another glog! Great job!