March 27, by Michaela

Today was a very good day because a lot of kids were on the ball. So we came in and started on math, we did a lot of QR’s and MR’s. (QR means quick review and MR means mixed review). Next we went into our math books and we did line symmetry and rotational symmetry. Rotational symmetry is when you turn a shape around and it still looks the same. Line symmetry is when you fold a shape and it matches.

After that we went to yoga, for yoga we did the same old same old stretches. When we came back to the class we did a quick write. A quick write is when we’re writing about something and we have a short time to do it. What we had to write was four facts we learned in the story Messages by the Mile. Then we went to recess. After recess when we entered the class there was a lot of hullabaloo. The reason why is because we get really energetic when we’re outside.
Right after recess we went straight to music class where we learned new notes and new songs. After that we went into reading where we are reading our new story Messages by the Mile. It’s really exciting because it’s about elephants and whales and their communicating the infrasonic way.

Then we went to lunch and I will tell you this: it was good yummy for my tummy. After lunch we started to read our chapter book, now we’re on chapter14 and this is what is happening in the story. Karana finds a cave where her ancestors used to be. Once we finished that part of the chapter Mr.Kootman told us the winner of the research challenge and it was Sparrow. Congrats Sparrow and that’s my fabulous blog!!!


D Kootman said...

It was great how you started your blog with an idiom, it really shows a unique voice in your writing. You then made your writing even better by describing all the events in detail for readers who may not know what we actually did or learned. The review of math terms was also helpful. All in all, a really great narrative of our day! Come on class, let's support Michaela by adding some specific comments!

Alondra said...

good and yummy that must be good.

cassidy:) said...

i loved how you ended your blog with and that was my fabulous blog! and it was fabulous! keep upthe good work!!!!!!:):)

scott said...

Great job on the perethases.

Evan(: said...

Michala sorry if I got your name wrong. What happens in chapter 14?


sparrow said...


I like how you talked about what we did in math and what it was.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!

jake said...

what do you mean by "on the ball"?

seth said...

Michaela, I guess i could say your blog and everyone elses blogs are famous since there on the internret.